You guys! I haven’t been on here in forever, but I just wanted to announce that I made my first ever Sims Machinima! I chose to do the song “Helpless” from Hamilton, and the historically accurate version at that. I am absolutely obsessed with the musical exactly the way it is, but being a huge American history nerd, I thought it would be fun to creatively explore the “real” people via the sims! I hope you like it!


Chapter 24


Aww, Christmas snuggles in long underwear. 🙂

Hi!! Chapter 24 of Trusting Desire is up!

Also, I’ve got a question. So, my site recently notified me that I’ve used up almost all of my media upload space (NOOOOO!) and I am using the free WP and not the kind I pay for. Has anyone been in the same situation? Should I just create a seperate site and post the rest of my chapters there? Gahhh.

Sims 4 Comic

Ok, so I finally caved and bought the Sims 4, although I swore I would never do it. Aside from the missing toddlers and the closed world, I like it a lot better than I thought I would! I am still obviously continuing with Trusting Desire, but I was wondering: If I also created a random, spastic fun Sims 4 comic, how many of ya’ll would read it? I decided to put something together for a first chapter to see what you guys think. Does this seem like something you would follow or not? 🙂 Page_01 Page_02 Page_03 Page_04 Page_05 Page_06 Page_07 Page_08 Page_09 Page_10 Page_11 Page_12 Page_13 Page_14 Page_15 Page_16 Page_17 Page_18 Page_19 Page_20 Page_21 Page_22 Page_23 Page_24 Page_25 Page_26 Page_27

Chapter 22

You guys, I am so so, SO sorry this has taken forever, and I’m not sure who is still following me … but I’ve FINALLY posted my next chapter! Your patience and support means the world to me. Chapter 22 of Trusting Desire is up. 🙂 Screenshot-619



I am so, so sorry I have meen MIA for a while, ya’ll (and just when I was on a role, too!) I have been in razy rehearsals for “Legally Blonde, The Musical” and we finally opened this past weekend! Hopefully, now that I will only have to be at the theater on the weekends, I will have more time during the week to churn these stories out. But I haven’t forgotten or lost interest! Thank you SO much for hanging in there!