Chapter 10

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 10

  1. Not a wedding please, anything but that. I’ll only accept it if it’s only between Ellie and Gab. Nothing less. Excuse this next bit but the police totally cock-blocked them.

    Ellie and Gab really do need to have a long, proper talk about their feelings and reservations.

    Nice chapter though

    • Haha thanks! Those coppers suck, don’t they? The timing wasn’t right for Ellie and Gabe anyway. And if they just sit and talk about their feelings, the story would be SUPER boring. 😉

  2. Noooooo! Not a wedding! As undergroundedgar stated above, I’ll only accept a wedding if it’s between Ellie and Gabriel. Despite all the difficulties in making such a thing happen I’m certain that they’re right for each other!

    Those darn coppers >.< Although, I guess it might have been for the best…it was their first real admission of having feelings for one another and if they'd rushed it maybe it would have messed everything up. I don't know…hopefully it's not all wishful thinking. Then again, Gabriel's comment about how it'd been "nice and fun" gets me a little worried. Can't you see that your feelings for that woman go beyond "nice and fun!" Damn you, man! *shakes him*

    Ah well…I guess things can't work out TOO easily or else they'd be no story in the first place 😉

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