Chapter 15.1

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 15.1

  1. “In that case, I revoke my acceptance of your apology and plan to retaliate.” LOL. That line cracked me up so much! I want to make it my goal to say that exact phrase in real life now, haha. And then Ellie’s anger at the boys: “The hellions.” Bahahahahahaah. Awesome. Gabe and John are hilarious together even if they do act a bit childish 😉

    Oh and I don’t think I missed that moony smile of Ellie’s when Gabe said, ‘I assure you we only tease out of sheer affection.” Tehehehe. I wonder if she even realizes herself that she did that? Regardless Jane is clearly spot-on in her observations 😉 Sorry Ellie, you like Gabe whether you choose to admit it or not! XD

    Though, for the sake of my heart and my sanity, I do hope she’ll eventually admit it 😉 And that goes for Gabe too!

    Another excellent update—I love this roll that you’ve been on! Woot!

    • HA! I would absolutely love it if you apply that line to everyday life. You must tell me if you do. (OMG Ps, I noticed two HUGE typos and they are driving me nuts! “Wastgage” and “He’d practically an engaged man?!” Sorry about that!

      But yes, I agree that Gabe and John’s relationship is quite adorable and hilarious. They are brothers from another mother. Boys will be boys, won’t they? The hellions. 🙂 And heck yes Ellie, totally smiled when Gabe said he teased out of affection! Glad you noticed that. A big rule in romance writing: it’s always a supporting character who notices the main character’s feelings before they realize it themselves. Can’t pull the wool over Jane’s eyes.

      And don’t worry about them admitting their affections for each other. They certainly will … I’m just going to have to torture you a little beforehand or there would be no story progression. heehee! I’m glad I’m on a roll, too! Trying to make up for the horribly long stents between some of my previous chapters. Also … the story is getting more and more fun. You rock for reading and commenting so quickly, girl!

      Alicia 🙂

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sims story written as a graphic novel, and with comic book sound effects even, that’s so ambitious! I plan to catch up little by little, this certainly looks different and interesting.

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