Chapter 16

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 16

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  2. Aww Ellie. The man wants you! I wish she didn’t think so little of herself that she feels undeserving of love. Great chapter, I was so into it! That conversation was so deep for the both of them and I’m glad they finally had a talk. Hopefully Ellie will actually tell Gabriel everything about her past now.

    • I am so glad you were into it! Heehee, I know it’s a bit of a long one, but a lot of information does get covered. Ellie reacted out of fear in that moment and choked up … but I guarantee you that she regretted it right after. 😉

    • Wow! I’m impressed that you caught up so quickly! Thank you so much for reading my story!

      Oh yes, poor Ellie. That is what sexual abuse and a father’s betrayal does to someone though. She doesn’t feel very worthy of love, nor does she trust it. But yes, Gabriel is very persistent and things will change dramatically for her in a chapter or two! 😉

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