Chapter 17

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 17

  1. Ellie is the sweetest ❤ That photo of Gabriel's initial reaction at having her hug him? So adorable! Then the next one, when he hugs her back? Gah!!! It gave my heart all sorts of warm fuzzies. That was exactly what he needed after such a painful loss. These two are so right for each other–obstacles be damned they need to be together! And by obstacles of course I primarily mean Mr. Cain. Gosh that's a tricky situation….I hope that it can be gotten out of without causing a good deal of trouble!

    Also, I'm just loving all these frequent updates ^_^; I mean I'd wait regardless of course, but still I must say this feels like Christmas!

    • Like Christmas! Really?! That is the best compliment ever! Thank you so much for keeping up with this story! Now I am even more motivated to keep up with the updates. 🙂

      And I’m SO glad you loved those hugging poses; I wasn’t sure how well they would read, so your praise means a lot. Gabe and Ellie are super perfect for each other, and they will realize that very, very soon. As for the obstacles and trouble … a story just wouldn’t be a story without them, would it? 😉 Heehee!

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