Chapter 18

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 18

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  2. Oh my goodness! I was NOT expecting that cliff-hanger!!! Ellie running out perhaps because she feels unworthy or afraid or something, sure. Ellie continuing to argue her point that all men all scoundrels while Gabriel asks if he’s one then, yes, I could picture. Ellie standing up and telling Gabriel to SHOW HER WHAT SHE DOESN’T KNOW THOUGH!? AHHHHHHHH lolol, NOPE. Never in a million years did I expect that!

    Now I have no doubt that Gabriel could do just that (*giggleblush*), but I don’t know that this is quite the right way to go about that and hopefully Gabriel sees that too! I mean, he certainly did look quite shocked in that final panel, haha. I believe his face was an accurate depiction of my reaction too! Gah, as much as I’d love Ellie to finally see that true pleasure and love and all that good stuff exists, I obviously don’t want these two to do anything rash and/or mess anything up! Gah, again!

    *chews fingernails to bits while I wait for the next update* !!!!!!

  3. It’s super crazy of her, right? Fatigued, liberated, exposed, Ellie has nothing left to lose. In her mind, a lifetime of solitude doesn’t mean she can’t attempt to feel something in the arms of a man she knows better than any other. Don’t worry, Gabriel’s got it covered. But he IS a man, and the woman he cares for basically just offered him sex, LOL!
    She is thinking of this as an experiment. A silly, educational experiment (although we know that just won’t be the case!). 🙂

  4. Yes Gabriel! Show her what she doesn’t know, show her! LOL. I’m glad everything is out in the open now and there are no secrets between them anymore. But if they do have sex, given the time the story is set in, if people find out it will become a scandal. Somehow I feel like Ellie is too stubborn to fully give in to Gabriel anyway and she’ll chicken out at the last minute.

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