Chapter 19

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Read On: Chapter 20.1 


8 thoughts on “Chapter 19

  1. No! You meanie! You can’t leave it there!!!!!! 😦
    I NEED to know what’s going to happen next!

    This chapter was so steamy I felt my heart racing. You did a good job with making it sexy but keeping it tasteful – i like that.

    • I know, I am SO sorry. I promise I didn’t mean to be cruel! The chapter would have been waaaay too long. But don’t worry, I’ll post the follow up as quickly as I can!
      And thank you so much for the compliment! That is what I wanted: a sensual love scene written in good taste. There really is no need for something super graphic and erotic unless your story really calls for it. Thanks for commenting, girlie! 😉

  2. Oh my goodness!! Hold on a second.

    *walks into kitchen* *goes to freezer* *grabs ice tray* *DUMPS ALL OVER SELF*

    Okay, better. Hoo boy! This chapter had me both giggling and fanning myself—a perfect, fun combination XD Love how attentive and caring Gabriel is 🙂 Ugh he clearly likes her so much! Come on, Ellie! It’s time to heal those old wounds—don’t let that awful man Jasper keep you from obtaining your happiness.

    BUT GAHH I’m with EddieSims! “You meanie! You can’t leave it there!!!!!” Hahahaha. Dying to see what happens next!!!

    • Haha! I am SO glad this chapter had that affect on you! I’m relieved you think it’s hot, because I had no idea how everyone would react to it! It is really hard to show a love scene without the narrative. Yes, Gabe was aching to show Ellie what she’d been missing—what she was capable of feeling … what she deserved. He is very sweet and patient with her. 🙂
      I know, I know … I am SO mean! LOL!!

  3. while mostly is based on complete nonsense 😉 somewhat I was lured into this story… Maybe ’cause of this “nonsense” and completely unreal part in psyche of abuse and violence victims… And this romantical solutions nonexistent in reality, sadly. Well – maybe I saw this too many times and just needed some nice distraction. 🙂
    It was quite interesting – this shadow-puppet additions at some pages imitating crowd, audience or stalkers. And – just my curiosity – these carriages are objects ingame or were just “photoshoped”?

    • Haha should I take that as a compliment? Thank you for reading my story! Actually, the carriages are downloads. I can’t quite remember where I found them, lol. I had to dive deep into the Internet! 🙂

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