Chapter 20.1

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 20.1

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  2. Aww shucks he’s leaving! 😦
    I hope nothing bad happens while he’s gone. Like Ellie doing something stupid like marrying that old guy. I somehow feel that this offer is fishy.It just so happened that he got an offer to leave town to teach just as he started investigating what happened with his Dad. Hmmm.

    • Ha! The offer isn’t fishy; Gabriel was notified that they wanted him at Harvard way before he met with Mr. Cain. 🙂
      But yes, he’s leaving and it’s ever so sad. 😦 But he’s not leaving yet!

    • I know. 😦

      It’s so hard for Ellie, because she truly does want the best for him. She believes he can make it big in the medical field, and she doesn’t want to be selfish and stand in the way of his success.

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