Chapter 22

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Read On: Chapter 23.1


11 thoughts on “Chapter 22

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  2. EEEEE! You’re back! *TACKLE HUGS* It’s so, so good to see you and your lovely updates again!

    Oh my goodness, GO GABRIEL GO!!!!!!! I was practically jumping in my seat when he raced off to the woman he loved!

    Also, the image of child Gabriel and little Ellie hugging in that flashback was too cute for words ❤ I’m so happy that he’s gone back to her, even if he did choose to do in the most frightening way possible: APPEARS IN MIDDLE OF NIGHT AND TAPS ON WINDOW WHILE YOU’RE SLEEPING.

    Good god, Gabriel, you’re going to give her a heart attack! Then again, desperate times call for desperate measures! These two so belong with one another!

    • *FALLS TO THE GROUND TACKLED* Yay!! Thank you so much for the warm welcome (back)! You always know how to brighten my day, Miss Lily. 🙂
      From now on, I shall try harder to keep my posts normal lengths apart and not 2 friggin months, LOL.
      Little Gabe and Ellie are precious together, aren’t they? I wish I could write an entire flashback chapter filled with childhood fun, haha.
      And yes, they both scared the crap out of one another just now — which they will address in the first lines of the next chapter, haha.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed this series! Can’t wait to see what comes next! Your images are so beautiful, and the story is really captivating!

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