Chapter 8.2

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 8.2

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  2. Hmmm, I fel ambivalent over Gabriel right now. He was adorable with his cousin, I loved their interaction. But towards Ellie, hmm, saying they didn’t knew each other… Badly done, Gabriel! Well, I guess he had his reasons, with this Miss Tuttle being around and everything, but still…

  3. Grrr, I am reminded of how much I HATE Jasper. Such a horrible, horrible person! Even far away from him Ellie remains in his loathsome clutches. It makes me sick >.<

    I'm really glad that she has Jane, at least, who seems like a really nice person and a wonderful friend for her to have! I'm hoping that Ellie has Gabriel too, but this whole arranged marriage thing he's still got going has me fretting 😦

  4. I like how your characters are not black & white. They are ‘soiled’ and they have their flaws, life has been hard on them. It makes them more real and easier to relate to. 🙂
    I have a feeling that Cain guy will soon present himself as a suitor for Ellie… Yuck.

    • Thank you so much! Exactly—black and white characters are so boring to me. Real people have flaws and are a product of their environment. I love writing redeemable characters.
      Your feelings on Magnus Cain are correct! He is handsome, yet creepy, isn’t he?

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