Chapter 9.1

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 9.1

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  2. A bit self-destructive on her part, but perfectly understandable. I think she figures exposure is inevitable, so she wants to get it over with. Very well done!

    • Thank you! I’m sorry I’m so behind on your story; I will catch up though! Ellie is definitely one to act before she thinks. It gets her into trouble more often than not, and she always regrets it afterward. Mr. Cain’s pursuit was just too much to handle, lol.

  3. I loved the dynamics of this chapter: everything added perfectly to Ellie’s state of mind.

    Wow, now they have to take refuge from the storm… together! So exciting! Not still sure whether she should feel reassured or scared to death, hehe ;).

  4. I just love Ellie and how she walked right into that bar, and when refused a drink, just took someone’s elses–LOL. I mean, I realize she was upset in the moment, but still, very gutsy!

    And now Gabriel is back! Eeeeeeee! *dashes off to the next chapter*

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