Chapter One

 WARNING: This chapter contains strong language and violence sexual situations that may be disturbing for some readers.

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23 thoughts on “Chapter One

  1. oh I’m loving this, and what a way to put this all together, surprise no one else have thought of this. Now all I have to say is how dumb can a girl be to follow a man she doesn’t know into a room by herself. Story is really great, can’t wait to see what happens next

  2. Wow, this is incredible! From the very unique way its been crafted, to the characters, to the story line itself, it has me completely drawn in and I’ve only read the first chapter. This is amazing! How have I not discovered it before? I really look forward to catching up. Again, wow! ❤

  3. I have you on my “reader” dashboard but I don’t remember seeing this there. Otherwise I would have been here a long time ago. I did come thanks to your recent post about your book publication. Congratulations!! Must be a super exciting experience for you right now. 🙂

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    • Wow! So many awesome comments from you! First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for reading my story! And your compliments are very encouraging. That means to world to me.
      Secondly, ha, yes, it took me quite a while to do all the Wild West stuff! Depending on the amount of poses and CC I need to use, some scenes in New England are a breeze, while others take quite a bit of time. But yeah, glad the Wild West part is over! Whew! 😉

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